Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Curbing firearms inside the United States is important. Despite the Brady Bill act, the federal background check on firearm purchases, some civilians, who might be considered mentally unstable, are still able to have access to deadly semi-automatic weapons, like the ones owned by the gun’s enthusiast, Nancy Lanza, mother of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting perpetrator, Adam Lanza, and his very first victim.

Although reports concerning Adam Lanza’s mental health, not after the school tragedy, are controversial and should had been a sign to his victimised mother who was, inadvertently, responsible in part for the massacre, of course if she wasn’t murdered. Still, possession of firearms and assault weapons should be curbed by law to avoid recurrence of such dire incidents.

In the United States only an average of 32,300 people die besides 69,000 injuries each year due to guns violence, an extremely high figure when compared to countries like the UK, 40 times lower, and Germany, 3 times lower.

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